Resources for your business/ Recursos y Materials para sus negocio

I wanted to share alot of resources that have help me with my business and also my teams business.

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Sue Mazza, President and CEO of SuccessfulYou, Inc. has dedicated herself and her business to helping people move from where they are in their networking business to where they want to be.

She teaches her teams to take simple, consistent action to overcome fear and self-limiting beliefs that have held them back in achieving success in their business.

Thank you Sue, you are a role model for others to follow in our industry. – Shannon Denniston, Professional Network Marketer

Through workshops, live presentations, coaching classes and recorded media, Sue brings her more than 20 years of experience growing and international network marketing career and business to her clients and team. Sue offers them solutions and practical techniques to grow their down-line and sales as they develop the skills, beliefs and attitudes necessary for them to make a 6 figure income in their business

“Every Day, I do something, no matter how small, to move my business one step further!”
~Sue Mazza

It all started with bubble bath, and now Sue Mazza from Naperville, Illinois has a multi-million dollar sales team with hundreds of representatives in several countries.  Her career began 20 years ago when her mother wanted to buy Avon bubble bath and Sue offered to be her representative.



Rx Card for all your PRESCRIPTION NEEDS. –do you have pets and cant afford their meds?Click above For your free downloadable card –Cant afford your OWN meds? click above for your FREE CARD For more info click above about our Community Assistance Outreach Program. ITS FREE!!!! or if you’d like a “PHYSICAL” RX CARD MAIL OUT TO YOU email @ —Also ask me about our DISCOUNTED insurance plans for less then $30 a/mo for a family of 5


other people interested in building up or finding a business opportunityUnlimited business opportunity leads for free


Give Your Guests Something To Scratch 
Scratch off cards are the latest trend in party favors and games. They are great for any occasion, from a baby shower to a retirement party and just about anything else in between

hostess scratch off game for- print and apply scratch off stickers


Cello in a Box 
Great cello bags, gift basket supplies, presentation and gift wrap ideas. Perfect complement to our Avon Business!

Send Your Message To Everyone In Seconds!
lets anyone tap into the power of sending voice or text message broadcasts to an entire phone list in seconds. No hardware or equipment to buy – now you can record & send your messages out to 2 or 200,000 phone numbers within minutes.

What The Wrap
Custom wraps for candy, bubble containers, water bottles, etc. Great advertising tool!


Not only are executives of Walmart, Amazon, News Corps and Bank Bank of America joined the movement which should be expected of major corporations, so has the actor Stephen Baldwin.

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check also out this 5min video

How many of your friends are paying to much for their cell phone services?


¿Cuántos de mis amigos está pagando demasiado por sus servicios de telefonía celular?

Déjame hacerte estas preguntas rápidas para pensar:

A quien conoces que DEBERAS quiere ilimitado?

Los INTERNET, texto y voz por $ 49/mes. No hay contratos? ¿Es usted? Tal vez toda su familia. No sólo se puede obtener de bajo coste 4G servicios ilimitados, pero se puede firmar a toda su familia y obtener servicio gratuito!

WOW !!!!, esto es increíble!

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